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Fine Art Paintings by Robert Simpich



Meet Robert…

Phillip Robert Simpich’s lifelong fascination with form, texture, light and color—and a keen gift of expression—have wrought an impressive and comprehensive body of work, one he has presented as a special gift to others and in honor to his Maker.
Born and raised in the heart of Missouri, he attended the University of Missouri studying sculpture, calligraphy and photography. After completing his masters in art, he married his sweetheart, Janice Nickson, also a gifted artist, and the couple moved to Colorado Springs where Robert began a career in art education through School District Eleven. Janice’s love of dolls also inspired the couple’s creation of Simpich Character Dolls—where Robert contributed over five decades of artistic skill, innovation and imagination to the creation of their renowned collectible figures.
Still, the colors and textures of sky and earth and water have always compelled Robert to return again and again to canvas and paint as the signature expression of his gifts. His deep devotion to Christ has inspired the incorporation of Scripture into many of his compositions; and recent works have depicted many scenes inspired by biblical passages.
Now in his nineties, Robert continues to painstakingly pursue his art. The senses, first inspired by the simple pleasures of childhood observation, continue to express and explore. His works grace many notable institutions and countless homes; the many gifts of his artwork to family and friends are counted as irreplaceable treasures.
And with every signature placed in the corner of his canvases, Robert continues to place an I.H.H.— “In His Honor.” This acknowledgment of his gifts and alignment of his motivation will always, finally, reveal the mark of this artist and the very special Light Source behind his efforts.