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Photography by Kemper Simpich 

Prints From Current Series

The Simpich Gallery is offering fine art prints of Kemper’s work, our current series is available through September 1, 2019. Please Stop by or give us a call at 719-465-2492 for more info.


About Kemper

Growing up in the shadow of Pikes Peak and visiting National Parks, Kemper has always been inspired by the mountains. In his early twenties he climbed the Colorado peaks in earnest and his passion for capturing the emotion and beauty of the alpine environment through photography grew. He has honed his craft in some of Colorado’s most beautiful locations such as the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park and the San Juans.

Today he can be found roaming Wyoming and Utah as well as Colorado, trying to find some new hidden corner of the wilderness to capture. He lives with his beautiful Wife Emily and growing family in the Colorado Springs area.